The American Pledge of Leadership

I created this pledge with the acknowledgment that America's, Democrat and Republican leadership, have failed our great nation. 

This pledge Acknowledges, that Republicans and Democrats, elected, government representatives have become in favor of supporting, corporate and special interest and political donation makers. This pledge acknowledges that Democrats and Republicans, have left bipartisan, legislation and leadership, for party power. America, under the sole control and power of the Republican and Democrat power, has ignored America's needs. 


Currently, America's schools are falling behind the rest of the world in language, Math, and Science. Major American cities have been overrun by crime and lawlessness. Some major cities have seen, hundreds, of souls, murdered in one summer. Major American cities, have blocks of homeless people, living on the streets and in tents. Bridges in many cities,  have become the home of thousands. Many are mentally ill, and feeling hopeless. 

Republican and Democrat leaders have shown their massive inability to better America, with Immigration Reform.


The only actions, Republican and Democrat leaders have accomplished on Immigration Reform?

Stealing over 500 migrant children, from their parents! Many children, who still have not been found! The inhumanity and unsanitary, placing migrants in human cages. The same way a pet shop owner, would display animals for viewing.


Clearly ignorant, callous, out of touch, government leadership. 


American leadership, from the Office Of the President to our legislators.


Many legislators have been in elected office and ineffective, some for over 20 years. 


They have no new ideas or solutions to better our nation. 


Democrat and Republican leaders have left other urgent issues on the curb. 


Democrats, Republicans, do not fight for a better America. Both parties make grandiose bills, which go nowhere!


I ask all political candidates of either party, to reject partisan politics. I ask candidates, to say, party loyalty, only matters, after Americans needs are met.

I ask all who agree to work in a bipartisan manner to actually fight so America's needs are met. 


I ask you to pledge, you will not be a drone and just do as your party leadership tells you! We are at the blind loyalty level now. Americans are feeling the pain. 


I will pledge all my energy, time, and voice possible to support brave, unselfish candidates or potential candidates, who sign and uphold, this pledge for America. 


This pledge is a clear indicator to both stalled parties. No more partisan failure. We pledge to represent our nation and every citizen’s, best interest.